The Kia Military Specialty Incentive Program is a great way to find a nice vehicle and save plenty of money on it besides. If you meet one of the qualifications, then you receive a $300 incentive towards any new Kia model. You only need to meet one of these qualifiers to get the discount:

  • Active U.S. Military with an ID
  • Formerly active U.S. military with an ID
  • Or have other official documentation, like honorable discharge papers.
  • Be retired or on disability from the U.S. Armed Forces or Reserves.
  • Be the spouse of the eligible military member or veteran with the proper ID/paperwork as proof.
If you have any questions about how to qualify, please speak with your salesperson for clarification.

Customers eligible for the Kia America, Inc. ("KA") Military Specialty Incentive Program must be an active member of, honorably discharged from, retired from, or on disability with the United States Armed Forces or Reserves (includes those that have "national" status from another country and are serving in the United States military) or the spouse of the eligible participant. Eligible customers or his or her spouse must provide a copy of one of the following to a Kia dealer at the time of purchase: a current Earning Statement, a copy of the honorable discharge papers, a bank statement indicating a pension or disability earnings from the United States Armed Forces, or an official document indicating future pension eligibility. Military ID is not a sufficient form of proof of eligibility. If eligible customer is a spouse of participant, proof must be provided of the spousal status by providing proof of marriage (marriage certificate).Applies to new vehicles purchased or leased between 5/2/2023 - 7/5/2023. Customer is only eligible for a total of two (2) Specialty Incentives during a calendar year. This offer may be combined in addition to certain other incentives offered by KA. See dealer for details. Not all incentive programs are compatible. This incentive is a limited time offer on eligible Kia vehicles. No cash value. Additional terms and conditions apply. See your participating dealer for more details. All matters of program eligibility and qualification will be resolved by KA in its sole discretion, and KA reserves the right to change product and program specifications at any time without incurring obligations.

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